Educational Science Book Recommended For Curious Minds – Book Review

What do you know about science? Would you like to know more? Would you like your children to grow up with a background of science knowledge? If you answered yes to any of these questions, then let me recommend a very good book for you:

“The Scientist – Life Science Library Series” by Henry Margenau, David Bergamini and the Editors of Time Life Books – 1964.

This book is jammed packed with information and historical scientific pictures including the cover which features James D. Watson, the co-discoverer and Nobel Prize winner for his work in DNA. Indeed, even with all the pictures this work is quite serious and the introduction is written by the former President of the National Academy of Sciences, Frederick Seitz.

The book has chapters on Human Beings and Biological Symmetry, the instruements that help us give science meaning, method and accuracy, explanation of the scientific method, the various areas of science in an ever expanding tree, communication in science, futuristic predictions based on science and the impact science has made on civilization, society and the future of humankind.

This educational science book takes us from before there was consensus of the world being round to the understanding that our own make-up and DNA determine more than we had ever dreamed. The reader is introduced to physics, chemistry, mathematics, astronomy, social sciences, life sciences, and the ever popular Earth sciences as well. The diagrams and pictures show man’s progress and science and predict its future.

Who is the book for? The whole family and anyone who has ever dared to dream or wondered how we got here with all our technology in the computer age, thus, I recommend this educational science book to all.

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